meshU tickets went on sale this week

What’s meshU?

meshU is a one-day event of focused workshops on design, development and team management given by those who have earned their stripes in the startup game; people who can talk knowledgeably about everything from interface design to using Amazon’s S3 distributed server network. We hope this addition to mesh will meet a growing need in Toronto: the need for practical, down-to-earth information about tools, knowledge and expertise for startups, web designers and developers of all kinds.

Who is meshU for?

You know who you are. You live and breathe technology – what it can do and what it can mean in people’s lives. Every new tool, new approach and new technology? You’re there first. As a developer, you were using AJAX when most people thought it was only a cleaning product. As a project manager, you were deploying agile development across your team before the term even existed. As a designer, your passion for designing great user experience is so profound it hurts. And when others catch up, you’ve already moved on. Pushing, innovating, leading. It’s what you do.

meshU is scheduled for April 6th, 2009, the day before the main mesh conference, and will be taking place at the MaRS Collaboration Centre in downtown Toronto. The meshU 2009 speaker line-up has yet to be determined. Get your ticket before they’re gone.