Meta Launches Artificial Intelligence System to Help Scientists Leverage Literature

Toronto’s Meta, an AI that maps and monitors the universe of scientific information, has launched Meta Science, a free AI-enabled site that assists scientific researchers in identifying which biomed papers are relevant among the almost 4,000 published daily.

Meta Science uses the power of AI to identify concepts, people and relationships buried within the world’s 26 million research papers.

“As a cancer researcher, I’ve experienced first-hand the realities of information overload and the need to separate noise from signal”, said Sam Molyneux, CEO of Meta. “As research output continues to grow, AI can help researchers shorten the path to knowledge at major bottlenecks where human efforts alone can no longer scale.”

Meta accomplishes this through a simple and familiar user experience that lets scientists create libraries and news feeds on specific or general topics.

Meta Science says it is more than a literature discovery engine; it’s a true AI that can surface hidden data, concepts and relationships in research papers.

A Meta Reader iPhone app is being developed for researchers to follow scientific progress on the go.