Metallica predicts the future for Tech Startups in 2009

I was working at home this past Saturday morning and as I did the usual headline scanning on Digg, Techcrunch, Cleantechnica, and of course Techvibes, I happened to be transferring some new albums onto my iTouch.  One album in particular caught my eye… it was Metallica’s Death Magnetic.

I’ve had the album on my computer for a while now, but I never really looked at the song titles and I certainly never thought of them in the context of Startups and the economy!  I don’t know if it was the caffeine jolt brought on by my Americano or what, but for some reason the tracks seemed to be telling a story.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but bear with me and you’ll see what I mean.  Here’s breakdown of the tracks and my commentary:

1.    That Was Just Your Life
2.    The End Of The Line

Entrepreneurs will look back at life before their Startup and think fondly of the days when they could depend on a steady paycheque.  You had to give up that 9 – 5 working for the man to be your own boss from 5 – 9 didn’t you?

3.    Broken, Beat & Scarred
4.    The Day That Never Comes

Now that you’ve gone and started your own business you’ll be looking for financing.  If you’re lucky in 2009 they’ll beat you down on valuation until you break and accept their terms.  If you’re not lucky… well #4 sums that up nicely.

5.    All Nightmare Long
6.    Cyanide
7.    The Unforgiven III

If you received capital in 2008, or are about to in 2009 these three songs are for you.  Expect funders to be watching over your spending like a hawk.  You’ll be scrutinized for the good decisions, and punished for the bad.  The cyanide could be taken yourself… or maybe you’re plotting for that next board meeting?

8.    The Judas Kiss
9.    Suicide & Redemption
10.    My Apocalypse

While I think we are going to see some great Startups rise out of this economic downturn, natural selection must first run its course.  The weak, underfunded companies will fail.  Investors will loose their shirts.  Founders will face their day of reckoning.  Then it will start all over again.

Am I being overly pessimistic?  Probably.  I think the Tech Industry is going to lead us out of this recession, and history has shown that the best Startups are formed when the economy is floundering.  I wonder what James and Lars would think about all this?   They haven’t returned my calls…