growing traffic and headcount continues to grow at break-neck speed and MetroLeap Co-Founder and CEO Alan Juristovski is having a little fun along the way. Juristovski is organizing “the most useless virtual event ever” via LinkedIn for this Friday to help celebrate the 32 Million unique monthly visitor milestone.

The most useless virtual event ever. This is a social experiment trying to see how many people would stop by at home page of next Friday as a result of this invitation.

We encourage you, your friends and colleagues to stop by and spread the word in your network. As a return we will share the results of the event and publish referrals from LinkedIn to our web site.

This is not a money making exercise for us, as we serve tremendous traffic at our web site, with over 32 million unique users a month. However, we see it as a very important experiment for us, as we try to understand role and interactions in social networks as they reflect business initiatives.

Said so, your participation is crucial. Invite your friends and stop by just for a second. There will be no fuss, cocktail, or chat at; just a simple count of your visit.

Results will be posted next Saturday. I bet that you would like to learn how it did go.

Should be an interesting experiment.

MetroLeap Media is also on the recruiting bandwagon with plans to update the look and feel of their site, add some dynamic functionality, and expand its lyrics offering to iPhone and iPod Touch. Sound interesting? Check out these recently posted opportunities: