MetroLyrics mingles with Smartwords

Smartwords, a subsidary of Wordnik, has signed on Vancouver’s MetroLeap Media, which runs MetroLyrics, as a partner for its project.

Smartwords, partners of whom include Forbes, Huffington Post, The New York Times and more, has inked the partnership on way to its goal: to “enable access to all forms of digital content using words as connectors,” and ultimately to “benefit publishers and consumers alike by facilitating better, more personalized discovery of digital content.” MetroLyrics, born out of the Vancouver area, was the first lyrics site to provide users with a database song lyrics—and compensate copyright holders. It has become the most-trafficked lyrics site worldwide, reaching more than 41 million unique monthly visitors, and 120 million monthly page views.

“We are dedicated to giving music fans accurate, reliable and complete lyric content,” said MetroLeap Media CEO, Alan Juristovski. “That’s why we’re excited about being a part of Smartwords-enabled applications. It will enhance and extend the wealth of content we provide music fans.”

Wordnik CEO Erin McKean added, “The content on will help us connect word-lovers and music-lovers, and will show the power words in lyrics have in conveying feeling and mood, and lead to greater discovery of related music.”