Michael Sikorsky launches new company, debuts first iPhone app

The very busy Michael Sikorsky and his wife have launched their new company Robots and Pencils with a bang, debuting the iPhone app CrushFactor at the same time. 

(Full disclosure: I just took part in a Startup School workshop that Sikorsky led). 

For a hilarious explanation of Crushfactor, check out this explanatory video with Dr. Science. 


Essentially it’s a cute little app to use with someone you’re crushing on. The charm offensive doesn’t stop there as the site is full of of lovingly hand-crafted graphics and clever gags.

While cutesy apps are nice there is also a conscience behind the company with 10% of proceeds going to bringing clean water and maintaining proper sanitation in the village of Gerambero, Ethiopia in a partnership with Vancouver-based non-profits Waterdrop and imagine1day.  

Robots and Pencils is a multi-faceted mom and pop operation. They create software, consult, teach and angel invest and they’re inspired by the 37signals ethos, doing more with less, maintaining your independence and doing what you love.  

This app should be the first of many to come from Calgary developers in 2009.