Microsoft Acquires Opalis Software

Microsoft has acquired Opalis, a Missisauga-based provider of IT process automation systems. The plan is to take advantage of Opalis to improve the efficiency of IT staff and operations by combining the automation expertise of Opalis with the integrated and virtualized datacenter management capabilities of Microsoft System Center. Microsoft sees this as important in supporting the growth of System Center.

After the announcement of the acquisition Opalis president and CEO, Todd DeLaughter, wrote in a blog post:

“Microsoft has always impressed me with their next generation view of how systems management tools should cleanly integrate to provide an easier user experience without the baggage of complexity that all of the existing legacy systems management tools carry… I believe, with the Opalis technology, Microsoft will have the most complete virtualization stack available from any single vendor.”

Meanwhile on the System Center blog Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of Management & Services Division at Microsoft, remarked in the announcement how Opalis software being easy to use and deploy was important, as well as how many Opalis customers were existing System Center customers. Improving product efficiency and ease of use for existing Microsoft customers through the Opalis acquisition was clearly a factor in this purchase.