Microsoft and CanvasPop Join Forces to Turn Digital Masterpieces Into Physical Art

Ottawa’s CanvasPop and Microsoft announced today a collaboration that will allow people using Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app to print their digital art on high quality canvas.

The news comes a few weeks after CanvasPop announced the launch of its photo printing API. The API allows app developers, website owners and brands to monetize their visual content by making it easy for their customers to turn images into beautiful canvas photo prints.

Microsoft’s Fresh Paint is the first painting app to integrate with the CanvasPop API, and the partnership signifies the potential of the growing app ecosystem.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Microsoft to offer a fun, creative and delightful experience and service to Fresh Paint users,” said CanvasPop cofounder Adrian Salamunovic. “Microsoft valued our commitment to quality, our brand and our technology. The Fresh Paint team’s dedication to innovation is shared by our team and something we really respect.”

The CanvasPop development team worked closely with the team at Fresh Paint to develop a technology that would enhance the Fresh Paint experience for people across all devices.

After putting the final touch on a painting, customers can choose from a variety of CanvasPop sizes on which to print. The transaction is completed in a pop-up shopping cart, as part of the API. CanvasPop takes care of producing the finished canvas print and shipping it directly to the customer.