Microsoft Canada launches Browse with Confidence campaign

Microsoft Canada launched a campaign called Browse with Confidence on Monday the 10th. The campaign is based around the website, which promotes safe web browsing.

“Canadians are among the most connected people around the world,” said Eric Gales, President of Microsoft Canada.  “We are banking, shopping, connecting and learning online. We want to make sure Canadians are also thinking about the safety of their personal information by helping them browse with confidence.”

“No one is more committed to online safety than Microsoft,” said Paul Gillespie, President and CEO of Kinsa. “Browse with Confidence is another great example of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft.  Proceeds from the campaign will help Kinsa train a new group of law enforcement officers to better police the Internet and ensure the safety of children at home and abroad.”

When you share Microsoft’s message on Facebook, Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) makes a donation to Kinsa, the Kid’s Internet Safety Alliance, which is a Canadian charity dedicated to protecting children online.

The campaign is clearly skewed to shine a holy light on IE 8, but can you blame Microsoft? Their browser has been outperformed by Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and more recently Google Chrome, for several years now. A comeback seems unlikely, but they’re giving it their best shot.

Which web browser(s) do you use? How pertinent do you think web safety is these days?