Microsoft Canada To Jumpstart Windows Phone Developer Movement

In a recent report on the state of mobile app marketplaces in 2011, Microsoft is still dragging behind the App Store for iOS devices, and the Android Market.  

Since available applications are a huge factor when it comes to consumer adoption, and with only 40,000 applications available, Windows Phone Marketplace is having a tough go of it.  A quick search for Windows Phone 7 devices in Canada only comes up with 5-6 devices available across all carriers combined.  For comparison purposes, the iOS App Store has somewhere around 600,000 apps, and the Android Market contains about half that (~320,000 apps).

Enter Microsoft’s “Developer Movement”.  Running until May 20th, Microsoft Canada intend to reward developers who produce “quality” apps, a fairly ambiguous term, with no real explanation of what they will deem “quality”.  the campaign is a follow-up to the Mango App Challenge, designed to entice developers to take advantage of the newly released Mango update (Win Phone 7.5).

The prizes are as follows:

Publish 1 Quality app, you get to choose:
– A Kinect™ Sensor for Xbox 360®
– 10,000 Microsoft Points
– Monster® Beats™ Headphones
– A 1TB External HD

Publish 2 Quality apps, you get to choose:
– A Windows® Phone 7
– A $500 Gift Voucher
– 35,000 Microsoft Points
– An Xbox 360® with
– Kinect Bundle

Publish 3 Quality apps, and your apps will be considered for publicity across:
– The Xbox Newsletter
– The Xbox Live Dashboard
– MSDN Website
– MSDN Flash Newsletter
– Canadian Developer Blog

For more information, visit the official site link, or to follow all the goings-on using twitter, the hashtag is #StartSomething.