Microsoft Canada’s Take Back the Net campaign about empowering victims of cyber bullying

Cyber bullying has been in the news a lot these days (sadly), and individuals, organizations and even companies, in Canada and around the world, are taking action.

Today was the start of National Bullying Awareness Week in Canada and cyber bullying has become a point of particular focus. Microsoft Canada is getting in on the act with their new campaign, “Take Back the Net,” in association with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

Take Back the Net aims to help kids and families deal with safety and security issues that arise from Internet use. As part of the campaign, they held a video contest (you can view the winners on this page, under the “BGCC Contest” tab) and have posted pages of resources (see the “Resources” tab)to help recognize, prevent and maturely deal with cyber bullying, which anywhere from 25–40 per cent of Canadian children will experience.

With children getting involved with the Internet, and social networking in particular, at earlier and earlier ages, it’s up to parents to educate and prepare their children for life online. They need to know how to keep safe and what to expect once they start communicating with others online, and for parents looking to give their kids a leg up on the Internet, there’s plenty of information at Take Back the Net.