Microsoft Wants to Modernize Urban Hubs with ‘CityNext’ Initiative

At Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference today, the company announced CityNext, a global initiative that it says will empower cities, businesses and citizens “to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities.”

“Cities are centers of industrial, economic and entrepreneurial activity that fuel the rest of the world’s success. But cities increasingly encounter compelling forces, such as rapid urbanization, modernization mandates, and economic austerity pressures,” explains Microsft.

Microsoft CityNext offers cities a vast and diverse Microsoft Partner Network of more than 430,000 technology experts across the globe to innovate today and create a better tomorrow. Leveraging a broad portfolio of familiar and security-enhanced consumer to business software, devices and services and Microsoft’s history of successful education and social programs, CityNext is a collective effort that enables cities and their people to accomplish what’s next.

“Cities play a vital role in our lives—both now and in the future. Microsoft’s CityNext initiative puts people first and builds on this new era of collaborative technology to engage citizens, business and government leaders in new ways,” says Laura Ipsen, corporate vice president of Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector. “Working with our vast Microsoft Partner Network, we can scale solutions and services to do ‘New with Less,’ enabling cities to better compete in the global marketplace, drive citizen engagement, and foster economic, social and environmental sustainability.”

Microsoft says that, the new era of innovation, cities can enable new capabilities using flexible cloud services, empower city employees with enterprise-grade devices and apps, and innovate on their terms with modern solutions and big data platforms. “This innovation can allow critical information to flow seamlessly between municipal departments and among government, businesses and citizens, driving efficiencies that can let cities put more resources back into the community,” the company affirms.