Microsoft giving $10,000 to the best WP7 app developer

Microsoft is looking to give $10,000 to the developer of the best Windows Phone 7 app in their Great Canadian Apportunity contest.

The competition is looking for the best apps by Canada’s developers for WP7. The winner will be chosen by votes from the public and the decision of Microsoft’s panel of judges. Along with the top prize of $10,000, there are many secondary prizes, including Alienware laptop packs and WP7 phones.

To enter the contest, submit an app idea for review by Microsoft. Once an idea is approved, you’ll be green-lit to start building your app — and more importantly, you’ll be given a Marketplace profile page with voting features. Once you are able to receive votes, you can get friends, family, colleagues, contacts and the app-fanatical public to vote for your idea. The apps that receive the most votes in round one (January) and round two (February) will be shortlisted for consideration by the contest judges.

So how are you going to build that app? Download the WP7 developer tools here. You’ll find all kinds of useful software in the Microsoft installer — Silverlight, Visual Studio 2010 Express, Windows Phone Emulator, and other valuable tools for building a great app. Also, for information about Microsoft policies and designing successful apps, check out Microsoft’s Certification Guidelines.

For more information on the Great Canadian Apportunity Contest, or to register, click here.