Microsoft Launching Security Awareness Campaign

Microsoft is rolling out a more aggressive cyber security awareness campaign in 2009, says Microsoft Security Team specialist Mohammad Akif, talking with Techvibes in Vancouver.

“Security threats are here to stay, and they’re not just a Microsoft issue,” Akif says, noting that as an industry leader, his company needs to be on the security forefront. He adds that only a collaborative effort working involving partners and competitors will be able to make strides against increasingly potent and insidious cyber threats.

He points to cross-industry initiatives like the Be Web Aware national program, a bilingual public education program on Internet safety, as one part of Microsoft’s effort. The program includes experts talking about online privacy and security with youngsters to ensure young Canadians use the Internet safely.

As well, Microsoft plans to launch a regular Security Intelligence Report providing a comprehensive analysis of malware threats and types of attacks.

North Americans could benefit from learning what other countries like Japan are doing to provide security, Akif says. He notes that while Canadians are relatively more secure than their counterparts in the USA, Canada is about 8 times more insecure than Japan. Even accounting for the fact that a disproportionate number of cyber attackers go after North American targets, computer and Internet usage habits could have a huge impact.

What makes up a good security strategy? Akif says organizations have to think holistically about their people, processes and technology, as hackers will always take the easiest path.