Microsoft Office Back To School Promo for Students

If you are heading back to school at the end of the month, or that old university e-mail address is still functioning, you are eligible for Microsoft’s ‘Ultimate Steal’ promotion. The Ultimate Steal offers students a chance to pick up 91% of Office Ultimate 2007 for one low price; the savings can work out to around $500 for the entire package. For around $64.00 students receive the 2007 versions of Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, InfoPath, Groove and OneNote. There are also promo prices being offered for the Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade and Office Languages Pack 2007.

Office Ultimate has a wide array of programs but the vast majority of students will stick to using Word, PowerPoint, Excel and possibly Outlook. Even if you don’t want everything the package is still a bargain considering Office Home Student packages typically sell for $99 – $150 but is it something students would be willing to pay for? There are a wide range of free alternatives available such as Google Docs, Open Office and more than a few cracked copies available online. With the high rates of media piracy among University students it seems unlikely that they can be enticed to buy software at any price. Are there any students out there planning on purchasing office products for school? If so do you typically wait for back to school promotions?