Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark offers up prizes

Are you a web developer that would use Microsoft technologies if only they didn’t cost so much?

WebsiteSpark is here to help. If you run or work at a small web design or development firm, Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark grants you access to full versions of current Microsoft web tools and technologies including SilverlightExpression, SQL Server Web Edition, Windows Server 2008, and Visual Studio Professional. Add to that some great visibility through the WebsiteSpark marketplace and support through Microsoft’s entire ecosystem.

Microsoft is offering a big help to web developers by taking their WebsiteSpark program on the road and attending a number of upcoming community events in Montreal and Toronto to show you how you can start with no upfront cost.

If you’re interested in learning more about WebsiteSpark in person, drop by one of these upcoming events to chat about the program, get a free enrollment code, or just play a little Xbox.

BONUS – Sign up for the WebsiteSpark Program before May 31st and win a chance at your very own custom company branded set of bar table & stools or 1 in 10 $25 JUMP Reward Gift Cards. Find WebsiteSpark at community events, email them at or tweet them at @webnotwar for a free enrollment code or if you have any questions.