Middlespot gets visual with search results

Last month Techvibes profiled 10 people in the Digital Media space in BC that we thought were worth keeping an eye on. One of those was Ken Kwasnicki – he’s working on a new visual search engine called Middlespot along with co-founder Scott Brownlee.

Brownlee worked with Kwasnicki at Vancouver’s Columbus Group – a web development shop and Telus acquisition – and has been remotely contributing to Middlespot from his catamaran in New Caledonia. Last month, Brownlee was interviewed by CruiterTalk.som and shed a little more little on their plans to focus their unique grid display interface on search results.

Ryan: So, talk a little about Middlespot and how this idea came to fruition.

Scott: Ken’s initial concept for middlespot was to create a virtual web based global desktop based on an infinitely scalable display grid (a bit of a mouthful). It’s still the core of our long-term vision and where we want to go. But we also recognize that any big web 2.0 vision is built on small, incrementally successful steps, designed to solve a single problem efficiently. We decided to focus our unique grid display interface on the management of a user’s search result, a space that we believe hasn’t really changed in 10 years but is ripe for innovation.

We always try and solve problems we personally have with our experiences on the web. A big problem I often have is evaluating the value of a result, and comparing it to other results in my query. Search engine text results don’t do justice to what’s behind the result, and the linear layout is not conducive to scanning and comparing results quickly. I find that with middlespot, you can scan and compare a lot of results immediately and you are quickly drawn to more personally relevant results. You can also compare the text result and the screenshot of the page, thereby having more information about a site before investing in the time to actually visit it.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview here.