Midnight Poutine served Fresh Daily

Midnight Poutine provides an online cultural forum for young, urban Montrealers to share and discover all the happenings of the city that you won’t find in the mainstream media.

Montrealers need Midnight Poutine. It’s a personal ongoing account of the city’s happenings. It’s a delicious high-fat source of rants, raves and musings. It provides the insight you never find in newspapers and the details and tangents that would never fit in a weekly. It possesses cheese-like flexibility. It’s sometimes snarky, often unusual and always informative. Your order has arrived. Dig in.

Midnight Poutine is published by Toronto’s Freshdaily – the folks behind hyper-local culture sites BlogTO and Beyond Robson. Founder Tim Shore was smart to protect both the .ca and .com variations of his city-focused website addresses. After all, research (from 2002) shows that dot-ca sites are perceived as having added value for Canadian consumers.

This profile is part of CIRA’s Tell us Your Dot-ca Story contest which asked entrants to describe how they use their dot-ca domain name. More than 4,000 entries were submitted by dot-ca domain name Registrants across Canada and Midnight Poutine was one of the winners.