Mike Edwards and Paul Singh to Facilitate EPIC Conference in Calgary

Today VA Angels announced that startup heavyweights Mike Edwards and Paul Singh will be facilitating the inaugural Entrepreneurs and Private Investors in Canada Conference (otherwise known as EPIC) in Calgary from September 10 to 12.

Mike Edwards is the President and CEO of LX Ventures, a publicly traded incubator that launches, acquires, and integrates early stage high growth technology companies. Paul Singh is the founder of Dashboard.io and a Venture Partner at 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley based startup accelerator that recently fulfilled and bypassed its namesake.

With these two guiding the action EPIC will become Canada’s conversation on the future of angel investing. Similar to their recent role at the Accelerator Symposium in Vancouver, Edwards and Singh will lead participant driven discussions at the un-conference covering everything from getting in to an angel investment to getting out.

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Techvibes had a chance to chat with Singh today and he shared his EPIC thoughts. “Even though the number of angels is rising nobody is really stepping up and saying let’s create a curated place for active angels to come together and really talk about the nitty gritty,” described Singh during a telephone interview.

EPIC is for investors who have “already bit the bullet or you’re very serious about biting the bullet and now you want to talk about the tactical issues underneath the bigger ideas of how do you find good deals, how do filter them, how do you structure that deal when you get in, what are the expected outcomes, and how do you model your portfolio.”

“It’s the nitty gritty that nobody wants to talk about but its kind of how you live or die. It’s the stuff that’s going to make you money or help you burn it away,” emphasized Singh.

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“VA Angels is extremely proud to be presenting EPIC, the go to gathering for Angel Investors,” says Randy Thompson, founder and CEO of VA Angels. “It is our goal to make this a participant driven conversation about the challenges and issues that angel investors face. EPIC is as much a chance to share as it is a chance to learn, and we are excited to have our two facilitators who will help us make this happen: Mike Edwards and Paul Singh on board.”

EPIC takes place September 10 to 12 at the DaDe Art & Design Lab in Calgary.