Mike Volker heads up new TSX-traded Green Angel Fund

BC Angel Investor of the Year Mike Volker has launched a new “angel fund” called Greenangel Energy Corp. that is now trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the stock symbol GAE. The Company will focus on commercializing clean energy technologies and is starting off with equity positions in six ventures:

  • Delaware Power Systems
  • DPoint Technologies
  • Habitat Enterprises
  • Light-Based Technologies (LBT)
  • Paradigm Environmental Technologies
  • Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV)

According to Volker, the principals of these companies are also advisors and shareholders in Greenangel, which is ultimately their “secret sauce”.

According to their website, the GreenAngel Energy Board of Directors is made up of four seasoned professional entrepreneurs who have strong connections to and are completely immersed in the technology sector – President and CEO Volker, CFO Bruce A. Schmidt, and Directors Robert de Wit and Alan Werenko.

GreenAngel is obviously much more than just a “fund”. It’s an opportunity for the average investor to buy into startup opportunities in the emerging clean energy space. And since it’s a publicly traded TSX-V company, shareholders have all-important liquidity while accessing early stage opportunities that only angel investing can provide.