Mingle With Vancouver’s Mingleverse and Make Money

I cringe everytime I have to dial into a conference call, because I feel like it’s impersonal, the line is usually echo-inclined and there is no personal connection.  I can’t see what people are doing, I can’t tell how they feel and sometimes when negotiating a big deal or just discussing issues, it’s all a part of the process.

That’s why I think Vancouver’s Mingleverse.com has a hit on their hands with their MingleRooms, instant online meeting rooms for 2-50 people available through your web browser.  It’s predicted that this service will rival Skype and “disjointed telecom services.” Why? According to Ron Stevens, co-founder of the company,

Mingleverse is about live social communications, the ability to meetup and engage with real people in real-time rather than with clunky software and old-fashioned telephony.

Mingleverse’s MingleRoom service is a high-quality 3D voice, audio and visual environment rich with media-sharing features and is easily accessed through a web-browser.  Not only that, hosts can actually make money, charging a small fee for participants to join an event.

With a combination of over 25 extensive proprietary voice, audio, visual, technologies with extensive collaboration and social network integration, Mingleverse’s MingleRoom service opens new business opportunities, challenges the need for travel and replaces a raft of disconnected systems with a single integrated approach.

What else can you do with Mingleverse? You can host a class, webinar or charge for a worldwide audience to join you. You can project live video, YouTube & slideshows in 3D and you can even show off your talent in your own “venue room.” Check out the demo and tell us what you think.  To Mingleverse or not?