Mingleverse comes out of stealth with Beta MingleRoom

Vancouver’s Mingleverse Labs has officially emerged from stealth mode and the Beta 1 version of MingleRoom is now available. The MingleRoom servce is a new approach to real time social networking and provides a live venue to promote yourself, your talent, your company or your product to a live audience or just meet up with up to 50 friends and family that is “as real as being there”.



The basic MingleRoom service is free and promises to do two things – replace the cost and physical boundaries of face-to-face meetings or events by making you feel like you are actually there in person, and offer new revenue generating opportunities by providing you a compelling new way to connect to fans, followers, customers and family.

Interested? Visit Mingleverse to take advantage of their introductory offer that includes unlimited access for one month free to the full Beta 1 MingleRoom.

Mingleverse Labs was founded in 2008 and by Ron Stevens and Len Layton. In January 2009, Mingleverse was named Best Early Stage Company in the Information Technology category at the 12th annual Canadian Financing Forum and Best Service Provider Investment Forum presentation at the Pacific Northwest Wireless Summit.