Minister Tony Clement Visits Edmonton to Talk Startups

The Honourable Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board, visited Edmonton this week to delve into the city’s blossoming startup scene.

Minister Clement paid a visit to Startup Edmonton’s downtown campus to highlight the the government’s support for business innovation and entrepreneurship and listen to founders about what they need to thrive in Canada.

“High-impact, fast-growing startup companies are crucial to job creation and Canada’s long-term prosperity,” noted Clement. “Organizations like Startup Edmonton are dynamic hubs for unleashing Canada’s entrepreneurial potential. Our Government is a strong supporter of the startup community. Investing in startups is an investment in our future.”

“Canadian entrepreneurs have amazing potential,” said Ken Bautista, CEO of Startup Edmonton. “Our role is to help them see not only the opportunities that are out there, but also show our support in actively seeing ideas become realities. Any help the Government of Canada can provide supporting accelerators and accessing talent through the Startup Visa Canada program helps pave the way for startups to grow big—from Canada.”

Clement says that the Economic Action Plan 2013 includes “a number of initiatives targeted at fostering innovative new businesses,” such as $60 million to help incubators and accelerators expand their services; $100 million through the Business Development Bank of Canada to invest in accelerator grads; $20 million to help startups access research and development services at universities; and $18 million to the Canadian Youth Business Foundation to help young entrepreneurs.

Startup Edmonton, which launched in 2009, is a combined campus, co-workspace and accelerator.