Miovision Leaves The Accelerator Centre

Miovision a Waterloo based developer of traffic industry tools has ‘graduated’ from the Accelerator Centre. The companies three founders are all first time entrepreneurs and graduates of the University of Waterloo’s engineering program.

The company’s CEO Kurtis McBride valued the time his company spent at the centre: “The Accelerator Centre provided us with the support and infrastructure needed to allow us to focus on our core business and actually accelerate our business development significantly”. Miovision has good reason to celebrate their time spent at the Accelerator Centre, since the company joined the center back in April 2006, their company has grown from a team of six to twenty full time employees. Although Miovision has raised over $1.8 million in private funding, their current growth is primarily revenue driven.

Miovision has attracted a global audience for its traffic analysis technology, its clients are primarily government agencies aiming to lower their costs by automating traffic data collection. The company offers a range of cutting edge products focused on collecting, analyzing, and reporting traffic information.