Mitchel Joel: On building your personal brand and why it’s a must

In the last six months I’ve heard Mitch Joel speak to an engaged crowd on more than a few occasions.  Each time, a different setting, audience and demographic and each meeting I walk away with something intently unique that I did not necessairly understand before.  Tonight, #TTT (Third Tuesday Toronto) presents a special edition to their unique unconference format and presents a look at Mitch Joel as he highlights the importance of building your personal brand.

As the author of ‘Six Pixels of Seperation,’ Joel believes undeniably in the power of connection and it’s importance in the new business model that exits on leveraging existing digital channels while building communities of interest.  Joel’s laurels rest on the fact that he believes the business model has changed to now encompass global tools that are important when reaching an audience.

I’m looking forward to hearing what Joel sees at the game changing events that have taken place as he’s bult his own brand what he believes is on the cusp of this efficacy and change.

This #TTT Joel will ask the timely question and propose the notion that “Everyone is connected. Isn’t it time for you and your company to connect to everyone?”  Register now, for the ooportunity to parktake in the conversation.