Mixpo aims to take TV ad dollars to the web

With advertising dollars shifting from traditional broadcast to the web, more and more small startups are trying to jostle their way into the online ad space and provide value-added services to both consumers and content producers. But Seattle-based Mixpo is taking one step forward and a step back with a new offer aimed squarely at old media.

Mixpo is offering a free trial of their VideoAd platform to local media publishers, specifically broadcast and cable operators. Presumably they’re hoping to become the gateway for older media to move towards online sales, while leveraging the decades of sales experience still to be found in broadcast.

But the question must be asked; other than survival and the fact that the service is being operated free of charge, what’s in it for the broadcasters? Shouldn’t they maximize the revenue they can still get through broadcast, while exploring how to get their entire operation online in some form? While online ads, particularly those with video content, are clearly the way forward, it would seem to me that adding Mixpo to the mix would at best only  be a way for broadcasters to gan a foothold online…something they should be doing on their own anyway.