Mixpo Hires Hotshot Video Ad Man

MixpoBill Shaughnessy, a 15 year veteran of Microsoft was snatched up Monday by the video advertising technology company Mixpo, based out of Seattle. Shaughnessy has been steeped in technology and marketing since the 90s PC explosion, when he was with Compaq, one of the market-shattering first IBM Compatible PC companies. In his time with Microsoft he has played a number of critical strategic planning and marketing roles for the company, including most recently Global Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Services in the Advertiser and Publisher solutions Group, as well as General Manager of Digital Advertising Solutions Business Group.

Mixpo, whose goal is to use video advertising to make a more effective and accessible display ad, is thrilled to have him. The maneuver comes at a time when a very chaotic and fast changing online advertising industry is crashing into the sudden massive proliferation of digital video technology and online distribution, and it’s beginning to appear that internet audience is fairly receptive to well targeted video advertising.

“Rich video experiences will play an increasingly critical role for marketers, publishers and agencies as it moves to the forefront of effective online advertising at the local level,” said Shaughnessy. “Mixpo is extremely well positioned to be the market leader in this emerging sector. I look forward to working with Anupam (Gupta, CEO) and the rest of the Mixpo team to deliver great customer solutions that further leverage the company’s VideoAd platform.”

That kind of marketing muscle could make Mixpo a serious contender in an ad market exploding with demand for hyper targeting and video technology solutions.