Mob4Hire launches Version 4.0 of Mobile Testing

In development for a year, Calgary’s Mob4Hire announced the release of Version 4.0 of its mobile testing and market research community platform today.

Mob4Hire Version 4.0 offers mobile functional and usability testing, as well as product and market research using it’s crowd of over 40,000 mobile users in 150 countries. This provides valuable opportunities for mobile app and website developers, advertising executives, product managers, market researchers, marketing teams and developer networks / app stores of handset and network operators to reach global users and include user feedback in the mobile development cycle. This results in a good user experience which in turn drives recommendations, top store rankings, discoverability, and ultimately, viral revenue growth.

Mob4Hire version 4.0 offers a whole list of improvements but one caught my eye in particular. Mob4Hire’s MobStar rating system tells developers what they would receive for user ratings in app stores BEFORE they release their apps so they have time to make vital improvements. Very cool.

Conversely App stores of network operators and handset manufacturers can also use the MobStar rating system as a way to filter bad and unsuitable apps.

With today’s announcement, Mob4Hire is also introducing Basic, Premium and Managed Service pricing tiers to accommodate mobile firms of all shapes and size who need to create and run projects using its crowd-sourced methodologies.