Mobify Scores Major Points in Forrester Research’s Report on Mobile Commerce Solution Providers

Mobile commerce is now firmly established as a significant source of revenue growth for almost all online retailers, says Peter Sheldon of Forrester Research.

“Last year Forrester forecasted that 5% of total online revenues would occur through mobile devices in 2013, but by the close of the year, many online retailers such as are reporting that mobile revenues have in-fact broken the 10% threshold,” he says. “And, furthermore, some retail clients have told us that revenues via mobile devices have already reached 20% of total online sales during peak days.”

Knowing this, the research firm compiled a report on mobile commerce solution providers, which Forrester defines as hybrids of technology and traditional agencies “that bring together a productized mobile technology platform with creative and strategy services honed on the optimization of mobile commerce metrics” and have four core competency traits: an obsession for mobile commerce trends and metrics; a continually evolving, common platform on which they support all of their clients; they are fast to adopt and bring to market new device capabilitie; and they have a portfolio of prebuilt commerce modules.

Vancouver-based Mobify’s solution ranked highest among all vendors in the Mobile Web category of Forrester report, titled “The Forrester Wave: Mobile Commerce Solution Providers” and was highlighted as a “Strong Performer overall.” Mobify was compared to nine other solution vendors, including Branding Brand, July Systems, Kony, and Mad Mobile.

“Mobify is trusted by some of the world’s leading e-commerce companies to deliver a website experience that drives revenue across all mobile devices,” says Igor Faletski, CEO of Mobify. “We are honoured to be recognized by Forrester Research for what we consider to be our innovation in mobile commerce.”

Read the full report here.