Vancouver’s Mobify is Growing Fast and Hiring Hard

Mobify has grown by 53% in 2013 so far and as a result is hiring for more than a dozen new positions.

To help spur applications, the Vancouver-based startup worked with local creative studio Giant Ant to product a video supporting their recruitment efforts.

“If you choose to work with us, you’ll be making the web a better experience for billions of people around the world. You’ll change the way the people use the web today, and help us set the standards of how it is built for years to come,” Mobify says. “We have a great package of extended health and dental coverage, competitive salaries, flexible hours, free snacks, paid vacation and an employee stock option plan, too.’



“When it comes to talent, the difference between a developer that has some experience versus one that is truly great is exponential. That’s why every company works hard to find and retain them—and the candidate pool is very limited,” notes Mobify’s CEO, Igor Faletski. “At Mobify, we don’t shy away from bringing in talent from around the world to help us meet our growth goals. In fact, filling these positions with talented people is so important to our business that we always have standing software developer positions open, even if they are not advertised. If we hear that someone is a talented developer, we will make a job for them.”