Mobile barcode scanning the latest explosive tech trend. Or is it here to stay?

barcodeScanning barcodes via smartphone cameras oseemed like science fiction only a few years ago, yet it’s now used tens of thousands of times per day.

Scanbuy Inc put together an extensive report on mobile barcode trends. The first of its kind, this inaugural ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report provides a comprehensive look at this rapidly growing sub-sector of mobile computing.

The statistic that tells all is that barcode scanning is up 700% since the beginning of 2010. Equally as remarkable is the fact that since July, more scans occur in a single month than during all months of 2009 combined.

This barcode scanning trend is constricted to certain demographics, either. The report suggests that 1-D and 2-D barcodes are scanned equally as often, and there are no standout distinctions for age groups engaging in this experience either.

“Our system sees tens of thousands of scans every day so we really wanted to release a comprehensive look at the trends which are helping to drive user adoption and report on the state of the Industry,” said Mike Wehrs, interim CEO of Scanbuy. “It is important for all of the players in the industry to know that consumers are extremely engaged in this technology, and these are all good signs pointing to long term growth potential. We will continue to work with our partners and customers to innovate and maintain this growth and report responsibly to the industry we serve as a leader in the category.”

Given that mobile barcode scanning is a useful tool for smartphone owners, and that smartphones are still growing rapidly in popularity, this trend is likely a permanent fixture in our mobile realm, or at least a very long-term trend.