Get Free Tickets to the Mobile Biz BootCamp: Developer Edition in Toronto

Tomorrow is the Mobile Biz BootCamp: Developer Edition. Hosted by The Mobile Institute, the event takes place from 10:30am to 5:30pm EST at 51 Mercer Street in Toronto.

A $99 ticket will get you into the event, which will see mobile industry experts from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the UK converge. Techvibes readers can get free tickets (in limited quantities) with the discount code “TECHVIBESFREE” or 50% off with the discount code “TECHVIBES50“.

At MobileBiz BootCamp, you will learn from experienced mobile industry leaders, vendors and supporting organizations how to accelerate profitable growth in the global mobile landscape.

“It is increasingly important that developers and app publishers see their apps as a business in order to succeed in today’s app marketplace,” says Tom Emrich, a speaker at the event who also writes for Techvibes. “The bootcamp is providing some guidance on some serious challenges that developers are having with their apps today including discovery and monetization.”

Emrich’s session is called “Learning from Your Competitors,” which will break down the steps, tools and techniques necessary to gain key insights from others in your app category in order to better position your app for success both in and outside the app store. 

“You wouldn’t open a coffee shop without a business plan would you?” he asks. “We need to stop treating an app any differently than we would any other business we wanted to start up. With over 880,000+ apps in the Apple App Store alone, developers no longer have the luxury of relying on chance to succeed. They need to be active, calculated and prepared. Looking to your competitors for this information is a great place to start.”