Almost Half of Canadians Now Use Facebook on Their Mobile Devices

Canadians are among the most avid users of Facebook and mobile is certainly no exception.

According to Canada-specific stats recently released by the world’s largest social network, two million more Canadians are using Facebook via mobile apps today than since last summer. That’s a six-month growth rate of 15%. Now 15 million of Canada’s 34 million people use Facebook mobile actively—and given a portion of the population is under 10 and over 80, the penetration among youth and middle-aged Canadians is nothing short of incredible.

In fact, most of those folks access the network’s app every single day. 10 million Canadians use Facebook mobile daily, up from 9.4 million in August—a half-year increase of 6%, according to the company.

To put this in context, the expected rate of Internet adoption in Canada from 2013-2014 is 1.5% and the percentage of the population using mobile phones is expected to increase by 4.2%, according to eMarketer, putting Facebook well ahead in both regards.