Mobile data usage has already increased by 77% this year, with Twitter use leading the pack at 300%


A word seldom uttered not long ago has now taken over the mobile space, which has in turn taken over the world. Allot Communications’s freshly squeezed MobileTrends Report unveils some interesting statistics surrounding the global mobile data realm.

First, mobile data use has increased by 77% in the first half of 2011—phew. Leading the pack? VoIP services such as Skype grew by 101%, while Facebook grew by 166% and Twitter really skyrocketed with 297% more usage.

But because video is so data-heavy, YouTube actually claimed the stake of the most overall data usage. YouTube videos alone count for 22 percent of all global data, and over half of all video data.

Apple’s App Store is also a dominant player. Even though Android claims big activations numbers and lots of apps, the App Store accounts for 84 percent of all app download traffic. However, the Android Market is growing at a much faster pace currently, nearing 200 percent while the App Store is just below 50 percent growth.