In a World of Second Screens, Mobile Has Become the First Screen

Mobile is the connective tissue in the lives of consumers and marketers must consider mobile as the first scree, according to the 2015 Mobile Personas Report compiled by Tapped Mobile, BrandSpark, and App Promo.

For moms, smartphones are functional with emailing, texting, driving directions, and weather the most popular activities. The social aspects of smartphones have also increased, with social networking and photo sharing seeing a surge in numbers over last year. For millennials, smartphones are a key part of their lives, used for functional activities (calling, emailing, texting), consuming video and news content, and more and more for shopping. For men, mobile cuts across all key activities with shopping and functional activities increasing the most of all the personas vs. last year.

“Having co-authored this study for three years, we are now truly seeing 2015 as the year of mobile. With more than 82% of Moms 25-54, 83% of Men 25-54, and 90% of 18-29 year olds owning mobile devices, mobile has truly become the first screen,” said Mark Baltazar, VP Brand Effectiveness, Brandspark International. “Mobile helps consumers stay organized, entertained, and informed.”

“Brands and marketers must understand that mobile connects consumers regardless of location. Shopping is now a social activity with consumers checking ratings and reviews and connecting with friends to make purchase decisions,” said Jed Schneiderman, President, Tapped Mobile. “Mobile is the new sales clerk and brands must be omni-present in order to be in the consideration set for consumers.”