Mobile Innovation at MEIC5

There is a lot of talk around mobile on what has happened in this space and fast it continues to move. MEIC5 is about some of the top researchers and industry leaders coming to share their own thoughts and discuss what is happening in this space and was held at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD).

So what did they cover at these talks. Michael Carter talked about the huge boon in wireless growth and many interesting facts to share. In Canada 1 out of every 7 minutes we spend consuming media is mobile. 2 thirds of all Canadians have a mobile or about 22 million. Each day more than 92 million SMS messages are sent every day with there being more mobile screens in the world than TV or computer screens combined. He said that what is next in this space is the growth of mobile commerce, location based services through more GPS enabled devices that allow and within the next generation augmented reality on your phone with devices like the iPhone GS able to show information in real time.

Mark Argo and Ann Poochareon from Aesthetic took a greater look at augmented reality. What it does is it has software that analyzes the images from your camera and recognizes objects through a maker so that they can be interpreted and superimposed onto the screen.

What held this technology back was the lack of processing power, the need for a camera and a display that has kept this tied to the computer screen, but that is quickly changing with the popularity of the iPhone and the fast paced evolution and quickening adoption of smart phones.

Later Dave Coleman, Spreed, Inc talked about his publishing engine which quickly builds apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Pam Pre and Android platforms. There apps are based on a 2-3 click philosophy meaning that people should always get to the content they want within 2 – 3 clicks. It is about trying to reduce interaction and is designed for interaction. They want to deliver advertising based on behaviourial targeting that allows for the right ad to be delivered while having them actionable using your phone’s features.

They held a panel on the mobile industry and the potential in growing markets like Brazil. Stating while the US is definitely a great market the developing world is a huge opportunity that should be considered for those firms in the mobile space.

The Mobile Experience Innovation Centre is a public and private consortium led by OCAD with funding through the Entertainment and Creative Clusters Partnership Fund and the Ontario Media Development Corporation. It was a day of looking at the research and getting more in-depth in what is currently being done in mobile and what future holds. From content, to apps, to advertising MEIC5 furthered the discussion on mobile innovation and what we have to be excited for.