Mobile Marketing Gains Legitimacy In Canada, Here Are Your Mobile Commerce Options

“Mobile marketing has a natural home because it an essential part of the marketing mix. We look forward to the work of this new Council as it supports mobile marketing in Canada and develops best practices and a point of view on how marketers can integrate this important channel into their overall marketing plans.”

– Canadian Marketing Association President John Gustavson

That was at Tuesday April 12th’s CMA Mobile Marketing Conference introducing the new mobile marketing council. The CMA’s hand was finally forced considering the rapid adoption of smartphones, coupled with the mobile app boom.

In light of the historic decision by the CMA to finally give mobile marketers the respect they’ve worked for years to attain, we thought we’d shed light on the various ways mobile commerce can be implemented.

We’ve talked about the diversification of mobile media, and the same applies here: the diversification of mobile commerce.

So let’s step into the confusing world of mobile commerce and try to make some sense of it all.

There Are Barriers To Entry

According to The UK Editor of Graham Charlton: For North American purposes, let us note that the UK and Europe are ahead of North America when it comes to mobile commerce, but like here, there are various problems. Here are two main takeaways from Charlton’s Article.

  • “23% of UK online consumers conducted some kind of mobile transaction last year, but unfortunately, 83% experienced a problem”.
  • “In the report, Tealeaf’s Geof Galat suggests that part of the problem is that, thanks to the intuitive user experience offered by iPhones and other mobile devices, their expectations of apps and sites are high”.

Here’s the slideshow: M-Commerce: The Final Frontier.

Charlton also comes out with another article that suggests UK retailers aren’t ready for mobile commerce in a survey.

Despite unpreparedness: “The timescales vary, but 83% believe mobile commerce will be as popular as e-commerce within five years, though the 6% who think it already is perhaps need to check some recent stats. Popularity is growing, but it’s not near e-commerce just yet.”

With hundreds of thousands of mobile apps out there, you can also utilize them to make you some money through a mobile commerce option! Just make sure you use mobile-optimized webpages. You can do that through Vancouver-based Mobify.

QR Code Based Mobile Commerce

First of all, the ubiquitous  QR Code shows no signs of slowing down, going from 110,000 searches a month worldwide back in September to 673,000 by the last updated numbers in February according to Google Keyword Tool. You can place QR Codes on literally any marketing medium and are scannable via the download of RedLaser on IPhone/Android and I-Nigma on Blackberry. QR Codes, alongside digital billboards, smartphones and tablets enable marketing’s digital revolution to come full-circle.

Through SMS, Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Boxes allow you to emit text messages up to 1000m, just make sure that you have a mobile optimized site that links from the text to the web!

There are also several companies that still offer SMS Marketing services, so that is still a viable option.

In the arena of m-commerce there are many choices- but the most important thing to learn here? If you’re going to use mobile marketing as part of your mix be careful and do it correctly, because consumers see online and mobile as one channel, and they expect both to work!