Mobile Phone Companies Hammering Final Nail into RIM’s Coffin?

RIM’s stock has lost 95% of its value in less than four years and it still can’t catch a break.

Telecommunications giants in the US such as AT&T are pressuring the struggling Waterloo company to reduce its carrier fees. This is a significant request because those charges RIM collects from telcos generate more than $4 billion in annual revenue, an income source that the BlackBerry maker desperately needs to retain.

A technology analyst at North Securities, Sameet Kanade, says negotiations are already underway behind the scenes—and RIM isn’t faring so well. Sameet believes that RIM’s monthly fee may drop up to 17% this year and another 18% next year, reducing the company’s revenue from that source to $3.4 billion this year, then to just $2.8 billion in fiscal 2014.

It is also reported that Canadian carriers such as Rogers and Bell are involved in the talks as well.

Photo: Edans/Flickr