Mobile Rivals team up to Find Green

Two environmentally conscious tech competitors are coming together to transform the iPhone into a green platform.

Colorado-based GenGreen and Vancouver’s 3rdWhaleMobile are partnering to create a partnership aimed at spreading GenGreen’s green directory service far and wide through the mobile space. The former competitors have laid down arms, with GenGreen suspending its mobile work, and in return 3rdWhale will hand over its extensive database, creating, at 60,000 entries, North America’s largest directory of green businesses and organizations. 

“Collaboration is the one and only way we will be able to make the kind of large scale impact necessary to change our environmental future” said Charisse McAuliffe, Founder & CEO of GenGreen. “The decision to partner with 3rdWhale, the leader in mobility and sustainability, is proving to be one of the smartest decisions we have made as a company”.

Together, the companies plan to release several apps for the iPhone, including Find Green, which will let users locate everything from famer’s markets to electronic recycling locations. The app will be $1.99 and is scheduled for release at the end of August.