Mobile Roadie launches “world’s most customizable” app maker

Mobile Roadie, a mobile app building platform that allows anyone to create and manage iPhone and Android apps, has launched an advanced version of their app builder, called “Mobile Roadie Pro.”

Mobile Roadie Pro offers customers creative control from a platform, allowing customization of menu layout, colors, buttons, and fonts. It also supports multiple categories of content, a global search for users, and newly designed landscape views.

“In 2009, we launched the first self-service platform to create mobile apps, and today we are taking that a step further with deeper customization and content options,” says CEO Michael Schneider. “With Pro, brands have complete control and can include as much content as they wish, all within the same easy-to-use interface that they’ve come to expect from Mobile Roadie.”

Examples of apps built on the new Pro platform include indie electro label Ninja Tune, and music and lifestyle publication The FADER.Ninja

Ninja Tune’s new app has profiles for all 90 of their artists. “The launch of the Ninja Tune app syncs with our 20th Anniversary and lets fans check out new artists and remember old favorites,” says Leslie Madill, Director of Marketing for Ninja Tune USA. “The photos, video stream, and the option to buy tracks and concert tickets keeps Ninja Tune on the forefront of the action – something we’ve been known for, for two decades.”

The FADER made use of Pro’s design options to adhere to their stringent brand standards. “We are very picky and controlling when it comes to brand integrity,” says Andy Cohn, EVP and Group Publisher of FADER Media, Inc. “Every single part of our user’s engagement has to experience The FADER brand and culture.” 

Mobile Roadie starts at $499 to setup and $29 per month.

“The app building world is still like the Wild West,” says Andy Cohn. “We did our due diligence, and we found the ease of use in building an app on the Mobile Roadie platform meant that we could have our marketing department lead the charge, without having to hire a team of techies.”

Michael Schneider says Mobile Roadie apps provide a medium that other platforms cannot. “We are seeing fans communicating with each other within our apps at an increasing rate,” Michael says. “As more people are getting smart phones, apps are becoming the social and cultural center of certain brands.” 

In my brief testing of the app, I was impressed by the amount of customization and by the quality of the pre-set and starter themes and options. It’s user-friendly and functional, too, but you have to justify a high up-front cost, as well as a somewhat steep monthly fee—what I’m saying is that many average joe’s and even some smaller businesses will not be able to profit from this platform, or simply not afford it in the first place. That being said, it’s still cheaper than hiring a professional app design firm.