Mobile Shoppers Are Not So Mobile When Using Smartphones And Tablets

Line-ups, parking spots and busy change rooms—as mobile shopping grows, consumers are starting to use their devices to help improve their shopping experiences. But how mobile shoppers make purchases depends a lot on which devices they have.

In a study done by Nielsen, mobile shoppers in the U.S. are still more likely to use their device for shopping at home than any other place. Two-thirds of smartphone shoppers and four-out-of-five tablet shoppers are searching for products while on the couch watching television.

Shoppers who use their smartphones also do certain activities at home, such as researching the product and connecting on social media, but they are more active outside than tablet users.

Even though devices enable users to be more mobile, 95% of tablet shoppers and 72% of smartphone shoppers will still do their shopping at home.

Mobile shopping is gaining popularity, but retail stores are still the choice for many and smartphones are a reliable companion for those shopping mall ventures. 70% of smartphone owners plan their trips with store locators and at the store they are 37% more likely to stay organized with a shopping list on their phone.

Devices are helping consumers develop savvy shopping habits. 63% of smartphone owners and 53% of tablet owners will use their tool to check prices and calculate their savings—smartphone owners tend to do it all while still in the store.

Mobile coupons are also becoming more popular for retail store shoppers with smartphones and tablets. 34% of smartphone users and 23% of tablet users can find saving on their devices while waiting in line at the checkout line.

For mobile shoppers, the experience does not end there. After returning home from a day at the mall 20% of smartphone owners and 16% of tablet owners will write reviews on the product.

But for shoppers who make all their purchases at home, tracking orders from warehouse to front door is becoming a routine part of shopping. 55% of smartphone shoppers and 52% of tablet shoppers track the progress of their online purchase on their devices.