Mobilicity Goes Live with 4G Network, Offers 20GB of Data for $20

Discount wireless carrier Mobilicity this week upgraded its network. The carrier now offers 4G speeds and claims up to 21 Mbps—although most users should not expect to clock full speed on a regular basis.

The company has also added a data add-on that, for $20, offers users 20GB of non-throttled data on its 4G network (while Mobilicity offers unlimited data, speeds may be throttled after 6GB of usage). The company is also currently offering its $55-per-month plan—which includes “unlimited everything”—for $30.

“Mobilicity has the most affordable 4G data service in Canada,” says Mobilicity’s chief operating officer, Stewart Lyons. “Now, Canadians can enjoy premium data simply by adding it onto to any regular Mobilicity rate plan for only $20 a month, less than a dollar a day.”

But don’t forget the downsides to a carrier like Mobilicity: you have to pay for your smartphone in full with zero subsidy. And the selection of said phones is poor. And the coverage for said phones is even poorer. Still, it’s probably better than having a Big Three telco block Caller ID from you and then demand $8 per month to get back it back.