Mobilicity continues to grow despite what some people think


Despite being on the receiving end of some negative comments Mobilicity continues to grow. They are not going bankrupt nor are they in receivership.

Just short of being in business 100 days, Mobilicity announced its dealer network has grown by over 30 percent to over 300 locations since opening its doors this past spring. 

In the last 30 days, Mobilicity has added 40 new locations to reinforce its strong community-based retail presence across the Greater Toronto Area.

Dave Dobbin is the President and CEO of Mobilicity:

We’re continuing to enhance our distribution to provide the most convenient customer experience around. With our extensive and growing network of locations, Mobilicity customers can easily shop for phones, pay their bills and receive customer support near their homes or workplaces.

The popularity of Mobilicity seems to be tied to its unlimited voice, data and text plans.