Mobilicity delivers an Ethnic Twist

Today, Mobilicity launched Asian, South Asian and Mainstream content portals. The portals are customizable digital skins that allow downloading and feature news, games and pop culture in the respective ethnic channels.

I attended the Asian launch which took place at a Karaoke lounge in Pacific Mall, (Markham). We were served strawberry and green apple bubble tea while Dave Dobbin spoke briefly about diversity and presented the winner of the Chinese company name contest.

After that, a flashy marketing video was presented showing popular (drool-worthy) Asian Actors and Bollywood sensations played to the beats of the latest tunes. All of these would be featured on their up to date and fully customizable skin.

Asian Content Portal

Capitilizing on the diversity of the GTA who may enjoy this feature has definitely separated Mobilicity from other competitors. Yet, isn’t there an app for that?

What do you think of the ethnic content portals? Great marketing? Will this feature sell more phones than Wind Mobile?

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