Mobilicity sick of telecom oligopoly, demands no more spectrum hoarding

Mobilicity has publicly dismissed the notion that Canada’s incumbent wireless carriers require more spectrum space, noting that Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, and Telus Mobility collectively have nearly five times the spectrum of AT&T in the U.S. – with only a third of AT&T’s customer base.

The startup wireless carrier made this statement in response to submissions in Industry Canada’s consultation paper for the 700 MHz spectrum auction, in which the major telcos claimed they require more spectrum and that set-asides are not required for new entrants.

“For years, Canada’s Big Three ‘tri-opoly’ have been acting like squirrels preparing for a 50-year winter,” Mobilicity chairman John Bitove said. They hoard spectrum to keep others from giving consumers an affordable choice and Canadians have been paying the price for their self-serving interests for far too long.”

“Canada has the most expensive wireless rates in the developed world,” John added. “That’s not likely to change until the government sets a maximum cap on spectrum and a pure-play wireless company like Mobilicity is allowed to cut through the lofty telco – cableco family pacts and continue to bring true competition.”

Mobilicity will participate in the upcoming 700 MHz auction. “At the end of the day, the upcoming auction has the ability to help sustain a new competitive environment for Canadian consumers,” John affirms. “The past practices and habits of the Big Three have to be stopped. Now is the time for the Federal Government to ensure Canada’s wireless sector has healthy competition for years to come.”