Mobilicity Wants You to Throw Your Phone as Far as You Can (Literally)

Modern tchnology has graced the world with a new sport: mobile phone throwing.

Discount wireless carrier Mobilicity today announced it is hosting the first annual Canadian Mobile Phone Throwing Championship in Toronto this month, inspired by the original event held annually in Finland.

The Canadian competition will take centre stage at next weekend’s Red & Blue Bowl game between the Varsity Blues and the York Lions, an annual Canadian intercollegiate football tradition. The game’s halftime show will showcase the top three qualifiers each throwing a mobile phone down the football field to set a Canadian record and attempt to break the 101-metre-world-record-throw set in August by Ere Karjalainen of Finland.

“It’s no secret that most Canadians have been frustrated for years about being locked into mobile phone contracts and paying the highest rates in the world, said Mobilicity’s Chief Customer Officer Anthony Booth. “At Mobilicity, we understand what Canadians have been going through and want to give them the unique opportunity to unleash their pent-up frustration and make history at the same time.”


People around the world attend the championships in Finland.


Mobilicity points out why Canada has a solid chance to break Finland’s record:

Canadians, more than anyone, have reason than to flex their muscles and throw mobile phones out the proverbial window after almost 30 years of being stuck in contracts and paying among the most expensive wireless rates in the world.

Qualifying rounds begin in at 11am, followed by the finalist showdown at about 2:30pm.