Mobio partners with Shaw Media to turn TVs into interactive payment machines

Vancouver’s Mobio Identity Systems announced this morning an exclusive partnership with Toronto-based Shaw Media to be Mobio’s first and only Canadian broadcast sales representative.

For an initial term of 15 months, Shaw Media will be the official broadcast reseller of Mobio payment and marketing applications to advertising agencies, media buying services and direct clients across the country.


“According to our recent research, 77% of QR code scanning is occurring digitally – both online and on TV – so partnering with a high profile broadcaster like Shaw Media is a tremendous opportunity,” said Mark Binns, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobio Identity Systems, Inc. “This partnership will allow our collective customer base to engage on a whole new level, adding massive value for viewers and significant revenue potential for advertisers and brands.”

By leveraging their core assets, Mobio and Shaw Media will bring broadcast media to life in two very powerful ways, engaging customers like never before through:

  • Interactive Marketing – Allowing viewers to exchange information and receive personalized offers by scanning a barcode directly off of a TV with a Smartphone; and,
  • Processing Payments – Allowing viewers to securely purchase products and services by scanning a barcode directly off of a TV with a Smartphone.

Here’s an early example of how Mobio is working with Shaw property Global BC: