Mobivox introduces CRM over Voice

Today at the Emerging Communications Conference (eComm2009) in San Francisco, Montreal’s Mobivox introduced CRM over Voice – an innovative set of tools to help service providers and online communities add the power of real-time voice communications to customer relationship management (CRM).

“Mobivox partners can now perform all-important CRM in the course of service delivery, rather than before or after it, by dynamically inserting context-sensitive, unobtrusive messaging into user interactions,” said Mobivox CEO Peter Diedrich. He added that this latest Mobivox innovation allows its existing and future platform partners to make voice-based interactions a powerful tool for containing marketing costs, retaining users and growing revenue, while improving the overall user experience.

In a white paper (PDF) assessing Mobivox CRM over Voice, IP Communications analyst Jon Arnold wrote that the Mobivox solution transforms the voice channel in a way that can render it as effective as a Web-based channel and complement the operator’s overall CRM efforts.

Looks like Diedrich has masterfully shifted Mobivox’s focus from direct-to-consumer services to a platform play to help partners spur revenue growth even in these tough times.

In October 2007, Mobivox raised $11 Million in Series A venture capital funding led by IDG Ventures Boston. Two previous investors, Brightspark Ventures of Toronto and Skypoint Capital Corporation of Ottawa, also participated in the round.