MoboVivo and ShinyArt launch video art rental service

After announcing their partnership in December, ShinyArt and MoboVivo have launched their online video art rental service using MoboVivo’s myScreens platform.

Content provided by ShinyArt, a company that produces video art for flat-screen televisions from global artists, will now be available for rental and usage by companies like restaurants, clubs and hotels to provide improved aesthetics. Using MoboVivo’s myScreens, the art is streamed to the consumer company for display in fixtures arranged as the renter sees fit.

“Flat screens are a part of our every-day experience at home, in our offices, in social areas and in public spaces,” said ShinyArt founder and CEO, Kristy Phillips, in a press release. “The ShinyArt platform creates new opportunity to deliver the elegance and thought-provoking nature of video art beyond traditional installations and out to the greater public.”

While MoboVivo and ShinyArt are both based in Silicon Valley, they are helmed by Canadian ex-pats. As such, in announcing the launch of the service, MoboVivo CEO Trevor Doerksen was quick to thank the C100, an industry organization that helps Canadian tech businesses succeed in California.

It was the C100 that put these two companies into contact.

“C100 served a vital role in connecting MoboVivo to business opportunities in the U.S.,” said Doerksen in a press release. “MoboVivo’s myScreens platform is an ideal solution for ShinyArt’s  fans and video artists. We look forward to enabling other businesses in the C100 network.”

You can check out the video art for rent from ShinyArt here.