MoboVivo launches The Tudors for iPod, iPhone and BlackBerry

Calgary’s MoboVivo announced today that it had commenced Canadian distribution of the award-winning prime time hit, The Tudors, for iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and laptop users simultaneously. According to MoboVivo founder and CEO, Trevor Doerksen, this is the first time that a major TV series has ever been simultaneously released on the Apple and BlackBerry mobile platforms.

“Bringing TV shows to computers, iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry takes the idea of anytime, anywhere video and makes it a reality,” said Doerksen. “MoboVivo is the only company offering TV shows for multiple platforms to consumers affected by a lack of content compatibility and portability.”

The online store offers some 3,500 TV shows and movies for download, including Emmy award-winning dramas, such as The Tudors, as well as comedy, sports, cooking shows, documentaries, children’s programming and health and fitness shows from around the world.